After starting and growing a large business providing services to corporates, we realized something was missing from our lives. Something big. Something we couldn’t live without and something we shouldn’t. We had lost sight of our values and purpose and what was real and true.

We had along our journey to building a career, and life, lost and forgotten who we are and why get up in the morning.

We realized our truth was not to churn out services to assist corporates to meet their bottom line objectives. It’s about being true. Real. And good. It’s about right thought, right word and right action.

So we introspected and became clear about what is important. The beautiful, nurturing earth. The love of family and friends. The clean breeze and the bird song first thing in the morning. The health surging through our veins. The miracles of modern life and technology. The beauty of peace and that feeling of connectedness.

And so we created a range of jewelry products that we — and you — can wear to remind yourself of your real purpose. Your truth.

Each piece is unique, rich with meaning and layers of sub-text. Each piece has a conscience.

We didn’t set out to sell millions to the mainstream. To up-sell and cross-sell and bleed you dry. We set out to create beacons of hope and of purpose. Pieces that you can keep with you everyday, close to your heart, to remind you of your true purpose. Who you really are. And what’s important to you.

We hope you will appreciate the beautiful, meaningful, sometimes funny portfolio of Lobster Jewelry. Each one unique. Each one hand-crafted with love out of 960 Premium Silver that’s purer than anything else out there.

Because you deserve it, because change is good.